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Post-man or the after-man, he's what comes next. Will he still be bipedal and have arms to do things with? Or will he be like a human stick (in the mud) with only an open mouth and no ears to listen with? It's anyone's guess at this stage. I used my custom compound consisting of TP, glue, acrylic medium and joint compound. I then painted it using acrylic paints. Original Jones Art may not know much but he knows which direction he's leaning in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Anonymous Guest

Ray Steele 18 Mar 2024

It looks like one of those horses hitching poles lol Its looks cool Charles I love the craftmanship you put Into 100%;D

Artist Reply: Thanks, Ray! If someone rides a horse by here for a visit, it might come in handy then. Hope is is going good with Ray today. :)

Dave Matke 18 Mar 2024

Love this : ) Nice work Charles

Artist Reply: Well, the neighbors didn't throw anything at it as it dried outside in various stages, so that's a plus. What they actually think about is anyone's guess though. Hope you are doing good. It's been nice here and the mockingbirds are singing happily. :)