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Difficult love

"A bird may love a fish, but where would they live?" (Ever After) You say Dont try to touch what is on your way Dont hold to the parts of the broken past. Some things invisible and they cannot be seen Whats wrong - will go, what yours - will last... You say Life is a miracle at your open door You just can't judge what is coming in Mistakes are impossible - its just a way To realise where you have been... You say Don't look at others - they have their way Your page is empty and pen is new, How you will fill this shallow part Its only one thing that is up to you... You say That little things that we holding inside Its just a parts of a real true mirror We cry them out and tear them appart But they will release the face of a fear... You say Dont worry - the life is a sea The waves comes by and bringing you changes Not always you choose an easy endings Sometimes you see demons, sometimes only angels... You say I am here and hodling your hand And we looking both in the same direction When wave will come by - we will just fly above Simply because its a soul connection... Watercolor - 9 x 12"

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Anonymous Guest

stephie desousa 29 Oct 2005

beautiful,.touching,..very very nice work

Christina Hans 23 Apr 2005

Well inspired and well executed. I do like this star crossed lovers drawing.

Nathan Miller 06 Mar 2005

Great job! I love your work.

Melissa Gosso 05 Mar 2005

Absolutely stunning. I love it!

Aleczandra Kulig 04 Mar 2005

Very stunning painting! Very romantic looking and full of love. I also love the written statement that goes along with this one. Fits perfectly.