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And danged if I don't. I think the expression goes something like that. Folks always say actions have consequences and I guess you could say so do inactions. And I guess it is true that the definition of 'crazy' is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome when there never appears to be much of any at all. This is a 9 by 6 inches gel pen drawing with just a touch of charcoal pencil on medium bond acid-free paper. Yeah, it's Original Jones Art's day to rise and shine here in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Nikolay Semyonov 16 Jan 2022

Powerfully strong line again! Danged if I don't wish you a most productive year, Charles!

Artist Reply: Thanks, Nikolay! Yeah, I'm thinking 2022 will have to be a bit better than the last two. You too. :)

Ray Steele 16 Jan 2022

Danged if do damn if I don't, right Charles;D lol

Artist Reply: Yes, Ray, I think you hit it directly on the head. Sort of the 'between a rock and hard place' scenario. Thanks! : )

Daniela Isache 16 Jan 2022

Your world is sad, but expressive, Charles.

Artist Reply: An artist should bring out his or her feelings through the work, Daniela. I've made a personal art form out of doing so over the years. Not ALL are sad, worrisome, agitated, lonely or a bit 'cracked' in the head but when the world hands you a consistent supply of lemons, you'd be silly not to make a batch or two of lemonade. Very happy to hear from you, Daniela. Hope all is going great for you and your equally expressive art. :)

Dave Matke 16 Jan 2022

Great contemplation in this fellow ... very cool, Charles : )

Artist Reply: These have a tendency to leak out and I'm equally happy and sad to see them, Dave. I'm sure you know the feeling. Thanks! :)