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Yes, you could say a lot of my pieces are watching and are, for some reason, the eyes are getting bigger as time goes on. And time does go on even if we don't. Though when you think about it, mankind pretty much invented time (or timekeeping) to begin with. I remember some artist when I was a kid who did children and maybe dogs with over-sized eyes and he was popular for awhile. I read some time back that it was the wife of this guy who did the actual paintings and he took the credit. To prove this, they were both tasked with creating a piece of art in an actual courtroom setting. The lady did a good job and the husband just couldn't. Wow! I would have liked to have been there. This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing with color pencil on medium weight acid-free paper. Yes, Original Jones Art just finished this and thought he'd upload in the dead of night here in northwest Austin, Texas.

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