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Sometimes one has gone through so much, all one can do is reply, "Tell me about it." Of course, it would be nice to hear that other speak from the heart without an ulterior motive, without filtering the truth for personal gain. Ultimately, we lose more over all. I wonder when folks will realize this and change their ways? I wonder if the so-called 'silent majority' has and we only hear the loud obnoxious rantings of the fringe. It could be.. I rather hope that is the case. This is another small piece of Original Jones Art as he calculates the odds here in northwest Austin, Texas.


Anonymous Guest

Ray Steele 25 Aug 2021

She called me last chistmas

Artist Reply: Well, Ray, there are worse things to be called, IMHO. ;)

Ray Steele 25 Aug 2021

My niece come on Christmas last year and I told her I had wear a hearing aid she told me I was getting old lmao

Artist Reply: The young seem to think they are impervious to age, Ray. They will soon learn the error of their ways. Every day and in every way, they age. Hope you are doing okay, otherwise. :)