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This is another solely black and white entry. I've never been one to do simple line drawings. I usually put down lots of them, most of them, hopefully, in the right places. When I'm not using color, the lines themselves become substitutes for tonality, value, etc. As I began drawing using only a cheap 19 cent Bic pen, that seems very natural to me. This is a 6.5 by 5.5 inch gel pen drawing on heavy bond acid-free paper. As it heats up everywhere in the US, it gives Original Jones Art something useful to do inside his little domicile in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Ray Steele 01 Aug 2021

Like Bob Ross always said there is never a bad misstake

Artist Reply: He might be where I got the concept of 'happy accidents.' All I know is my work wouldn't be what it is without them, Ray. Of course, whether that's a positive or a negative is up for debate. :)

Ray Steele 01 Aug 2021

Buttons,buttons who got the buttons;p

Artist Reply: Ray, I've got two big bottles of assorted buttons in a cupboard. I've used a few to repair clothing but would like to use them for something creative---so far anything that's come to mind is a bit too crafty for me. So, yes, it is I; I have the buttons. ;)

Ginger Lovellette 29 Jul 2021

So, what if you make a mistake and want to erase? Interesting how you've managed the light area going to the darker area near the face. Super image!

Artist Reply: There are some who'd say most of mine are chock full of mistakes, Ginger. But I guess you just have to own them or at least own up to them and keep going. You can't erase with these gel pens. But I do use a white Sharpie marker sparingly. ;)