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It's the next BIG thing! Tattooed lips. Or maybe I've just been lucky enough not to see any on-line examples yet. A 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing with color pencil, this is another example of that perpetually non-trending Original Jones Art. And he's just fine with that here in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Ginger Lovellette 17 Jun 2021

Yes, what we see today! Good representation.

Artist Reply: Yes, and what we can't unsee, Ginger. The internet of things has opened a floodgate that is equal parts banal and lowbrow. Of course, I hasten to add that this is merely a personal opinion based upon personal taste. If you as you read this have little or none, then please disregard. :)

Ray Steele 14 Jun 2021

A face only a mother can love . beautiful composition you should also added some kind piercing to the lip too Charles

Artist Reply: Yeah, I thought he looked a little bit like a guy I knew as a kid, Ray. He always had a goofy smile on his mug though he seldom spoke. He does have his tongue pierced but, as you can see, his mouth is closed. ;)

Mark Peterson 13 Jun 2021

Cool work Charles, I like the squares in the eyes ~

Artist Reply: Thanks, Mark! And it's realistic too. When I look around, I see lots and lots of squares. ;) Hope you are doing great, BTW.

Maria Anna Machado 13 Jun 2021

wow...very beautiful...

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Maria! Hope you are doing great and being ultra-creative. :)