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If there isn't a Blues song by that title, there should be. And there is more than just the usual social type where you don't see or hear folks on a regular one-on-one basis. There's the isolation that, even if there is social discourse, it does not move beyond base triviality. It's sort of like getting a greeting card where the sender only writes his or her name. This is a 7 by 5.5 inch gel pen drawing with color pencil. I actually produced this piece before the last upload but hesitated to share. I don't know why exactly. Maybe it's just Original Jones Art thinking there's just a little too much sadness around the eyes for anyone to swallow here in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Nira Dabush 9 days ago


Artist Reply: Thanks, Nira, for your nice comment. Hope all is well. :)

Mark Peterson 10 days ago

Love the expression Charles... this is a nice one ~

Artist Reply: Thank you, Mark! As I said, I hesitated to upload this one but decided to in the end. I don't upload everything, you know and some pieces never get finished at all. I guess that's true for most, of not everyone. :)

Ray Steele 10 days ago

DO you feel a little down Charle I like piece it depicts what we all feel now n then.i .I give a A+ For this one

Artist Reply: Thanks, Ray! About the only folks 'tip-toeing through the tulips' these days are doing it chemically-enhanced. Unless they are walking/talking knuckles, that is. Hope you are doing better than expected. It's been a hot couple of days here. :)

Ginger Lovellette 10 days ago

Whether you, yourself, was actually feeling sad, blue or isolated, you sure got the impression spot-on in your wonderful image. Excellent work.

Artist Reply: Thanks, Ginger! Well, I don't usually have a set idea when I start one of these and what manifests itself can sometimes surprise me as much as anybody. I've never tried to be realistic but I've always tried to be authentic, if that makes sense. Just between you and me, I was probably feeling a bit down as I thought about things over which I have no control. The good thing is, I know it. Seems there's a lot of folks who don't grasp that truism. :)