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I started a little different than usual with a grey fine-lined marker then added wax-based color pencil and then a bit of black gel pen for emphasis. Who says you can't teach an 'older' dog new tricks? Of course, I've noticed that usually it's a matter of self-education via trial and error. This measures 6 by 4.5 inches on heavy bond acid-free paper. Impermanence is another impermanent example of impermanent Original Jones Art beamed to you from impermanent northwest Austin, Texas. Impermanently yours, CJ


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Ray Steele 25 May 2021

The face needs more color it looks like someone suck the life out of it ;p

John Jones 23 May 2021

Please keep sharing Seems like AW is in decline Fewer posts along the way

Artist Reply: Thanks, John. I don't think I'll change my modus operandus any time soon. I usually upload something new at least 20 plus days out of the month and sometimes more. I have been fortunate enough lately not to have come up against a creative block. One reason is that I make a point to start something without a lot of over-thinking. Once one is engaged, it becomes just another Gordian knot to cut through. Hope all is great with you. :)

Ginger Lovellette 23 May 2021

I'm always amazed at your many images. This one is great. Do you have a personal favorite?

Artist Reply: I have images that I feel to be transitional, images that I feel iconic or that touch upon or reveal something that I only notice when looking at them after some time has passed. I have in the neighborhood of thirty notebooks full of drawings going back to the 70's. Some I feel are a bit weak or that miss the mark when viewed after the fact but I don't have a definitive list of favorites, Ginger. I did do numerous versions of 'Balancing the Bird' done over several years so I must have been trying to get that one just right. :)