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My hair used to be somewhere between light brown and dirty blonde. Of course, nowadays, time has bleached out most of the color and what is left more resembles dead grass left too long under a Texas sun. I once knew a Ginger who was truly ginger but I'll lay you odds that that condition, if it still exists, is now chemically sustained. This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing with color pencil. It's what Original Jones Art does to fill in the empty moments here in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Elton Houck 21 May 2021

My wife is a redhead....and most like her do not gray..and they cannot dye their hair stays red forever...loosing some brillance with age...and for that reason the true redheads add a wee tough of the rince to luster up to the oh and good work there Charlie boy!!!

Ginger Lovellette 18 May 2021

What a shock seeing my name as the title to this wonderful work! I was born a redhead and was told so often when young that I "lived up to my name"! When age came along and started changing my ginger colored hair, I dyed it for years but just a year or two ago decided, what the heck! I'm a completely white headed old woman now - although I've been told by more than one that it made me look younger to have white hair.

Artist Reply: I was watching an old British detective show recently where they called a redheaded person 'a ginger' so that must have stuck in my mind as I was thinking up a title for this small piece, Ginger. By the way, I tried Rogaine to get mine back; didn't work. I bought some 'For Men" hair dye which just looked awful and so decided on 'au naturale' in the traditional sense, not as a brand name. Women probably have more products to choose from than men. But I've always been pretty pragmatic about age and aging---however it goes, try to do it gracefully. :)

Lucia Stewart 18 May 2021

Lovely work!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Lucia! Hope all is going 'great guns' for you and yours. :)