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About a decade back I did a lot of almost non-objective pieces using gel pencil and color gel pencils---which Crayola apparently discontinued. I thought I would use some of my new oil-based color pencils as well as some I already had. So this is a gel pen and color pencil piece. It measures roughly 7.5 by 8 inches on medium bond paper. Yes, it's still Original Jones Art as it continues to fall from the tree here in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Ginger Lovellette 18 May 2021

You've inspired me so much that I purchased a small and basically inexpensive set of colored pencils. Haven't tried them yet but anxious to see what I might be able to do. Naturally I don't expect to be in your realm ... you are the King! But I want to try. Will let you know how I do.

Artist Reply: I suggest you buy a good pencil sharpener, maybe one that has a self-contained box to keep shavings in. They are NOT high-dollar items and we older, tightly-budgeted folks shouldn't have a problem procuring one or more. I also suggest you begin by 'playing' with them first---mixing and blending so you can get a feel for how they work together on the paper. These are only suggestions, of course, Ginger. Just be sure to keep the whole process 'fun.' It's when it becomes 'work' that it usually becomes tedious. The creamier they go on the better as that is usually an indicator of how easily they can be blended. Have fun! PS: Thanks for the great compliment to my work. Though I may be a bit closer to the Court Jester. ;)