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There's an 80's song with a lyric that goes something like 'everything counts in small amounts,' And that applies to life itself. Life is a running account of checks and balances, of additions and subtractions. Higher mathematics don't matter for the most of us. I've always thought it was an account with constantly diminishing returns but I'm a bit of a pessimist. Though I don't mind being pleasantly surprised---which has happened a few times over the years. This is a 9.5 by 4 inch gel pen drawing on medium bond acid-free paper. It's a simple reminder that Original Jones Art hasn't cashed in his chips yet here in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Ray Steele 14 Apr 2021

A lost of a bezt friend concerned a tkny tragedy

Artist Reply: I'd say the lost of a best friend is a tragedy but certainly not a tiny one, Ray. I only have a handful of close friends and I wouldn't want to lose any of them. Hope you are doing great. :)