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The funny thing about humans is that they usually accept what is as the only is there is---or, at least their perception of it which is, by all accounts, only partial and/or skewed. And they think, accept, maybe even hope that their existence will continue at an acceptable even favorable level. This past year should have brought home the fact that this assumption is much closer to a delusion than we'd like to admit. Maybe this is why we have a tendency to over-react when the delicate balance of our existence is tipped. This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing with color pencil. Yes, it's a little bit more of that Original Jones Art as he notes his own tenuous reality in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Anonymous Guest

Elton Houck 03 Apr 2021

your cloud is on the rise--but you lost your hair---superficial but a vain thing we it ( a rock) symbolicly rocks your world...but then again...this is not our home...this is thre training ground for the ultimate that awaits humanity......Act 1 ...curtain...scene 2....curtain call...

Artist Reply: In reality, I still have some hair though it is used more to cover my genetically enhanced ears nowadays than to cover my head, Elton. Happy Easter to you. :)

Vincent von Frese 02 Apr 2021

As far as balancing humanity that in itself is a futile task. I am one who is like a dog and cat and most other non human creatures not greatly impressed with anything human achieving some descent balance. This applies to art as well as it suffers too in times of peril.

Artist Reply: Oh, I have no delusions of 'fixing' humanity, Vincent. I just want to remain as human and humane as I can, in a good and positive way. Seems there are folks who use 'being human' as an excuse for being stupid and cruel. And as far as 'art' is concerned, it's disheartening to see bologna mistaken for caviar in our major galleries and museums. These must be perilous times indeed.

Mark Kokopelli Watkins 02 Apr 2021

Now I've put myself between a Rock and a hard placed Egg,...ha, ha, ha, my friend! Your elaborations on your art pieces are quite elaborate, and your sense of humor timely! In this case, your egg covers my perceived rock! You win again! I appreciate your checking in on me, health issues have been really tough recently. My strength & memories have been decreasing lately, I don't get much done with helping my wife and I feel like I am in a downward spiral. Hope your health and heart are doing well and that you're feeling better my good friend!!!???:)))

Artist Reply: I actually felt 'good enough' to clean up in the kitchen today. So I think I'm on the mend, Mark. Sorry you are having issues. I know you are not one to let those 'dark thoughts' creep in and take over. We 'older' folks just need to keep in keeping on. I mean when we're gone who's going to tell the young whippersnappers where they get off? Hang in there and do some art---very therapeutic, I've noticed. :) PS: There are fossilized eggs so it could be a tie.

Al Budarin 02 Apr 2021

Funny ,Funny,Funny,,,,,yes that's using your HEAD,,,,,as a pivot,a FULCRUM,,,,,TEETER Toter,,,,that's the PHYSICS behind ,,SEESAW...EVENTUALLY you'll balance that rock between your ears. Ha ha

Artist Reply: Only if you regard humanity as a whole as a balanced bunch, Al. I personally consider us just this side of bedlam. But no one would ever confuse me with an optimist so season everything I say with a grain (or two) of salt. Just remember too much isn't good for you. :)

Mark Kokopelli Watkins 02 Apr 2021

Very colorful and intense face with a rock about ready to make a complete fall from the head,...great sketch! Just don't lose your rocks my friend!! ;)

Artist Reply: There are some who would say that rock is rather egg-like but be that as it may, I always appreciate your stopping by and commenting, Mark. I guess it's always better to have a rock on your head than rocks in your head. Hope you are feeling good today and doing something you enjoy. :)