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Monday Mutant 12: The Masher Run for your friggin' life! The masher is upon us! This is our 12th Monday Mutant of an initial 12 group freakopedia. These brutes stand nine feet tall, weigh over a thousand pounds, have ballistic skin, adapt their pigmentation to their surroundings, exhibit other random mutations from a rich d20 selection, and live on an all-meat diet with a preference for generic humans. This is our biggest Monday mutant yet at 9 pages. It features 5 Adventure hooks, a d20 'loot carried' table, and as a bonus, another d20 table offering the game master random goodies and weirdness that is found in the bone littered depths of a masher lair. Careful though, these giants of the epoch are known to hunt in packs, use ambushes, bait, and mimicry to lure the unwary to a swift end. Check out the PDF here: https://gumroad.com/l/KctdG

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