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Ordinarily, the small details that collectively make up our everyday reality, shift and change slowly over time and we can't see it happening in real time. 2020 gave us, if not 20/20 vision, at least an avalanche of a new reality. Now many of us are even more fearful of our fellow men (women, children, maybe dogs) than ever before. And if you are intelligent, that fear is tiered. If you can't go anywhere, do you lose your mobility? This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing on medium bond acid-free paper. I also used color pencil. There's an action/reaction thing going on and Original Jones Art is throwing up his hands in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Ray Steele 17 Sep 2020

Awesome I like it

Artist Reply: Thanks, Ray. I think if I keep going I might come up with an iconic image or two. Hope you are doing great and staying safe. :)

Ginger Olansen 17 Sep 2020

I have some relative in Sugarland the opposite direction. They love the area! I thought this was a child throwing up his arms "hey, here I am, I am right here see me?"! I hope you don't story your artwork! Great job!

Artist Reply: No, Ginger, I don't usually create a narrative for each piece. But since I've been in perpetual lockdown over the past half year plus, I find my 'descriptions' for my pieces uploaded to AW have become little verbal windows into my state of mind. It is that state of mind (which happily changes over time) that propels/informs my visual work. This piece came from a small 'quick' drawing. As a side note, I'll bet a lot of children stuck at home are finding themselves gradually becoming invisible and then there are those who only wish for invisibility. Thanks for the nice comment, Ginger. Mucho appreciated. :)