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Can you imagine how many statues/monuments have been constructed over the course of human history to honor or commemorate a person or deed? After a length of time, the people living no longer have personal knowledge of either. Museums have some of them. Many are of unknown individuals, deities, etc. Some are so worn by time that recognition is impossible. So it's best to build your own personal monument in your mind/heart about someone or something you are passionate about and leave it at that. It leaves a much smaller footprint when you (we) are gone. This is a monument (of sorts) in honor of creativity. It is a very small monument on paper measuring 6 by 4.5 inches. I used gel pen and color pencil. This is Original Jones Art creating the cost-effective way in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Mark Kokopelli Watkins 15 Sep 2020

Quite the monumental feat Charles! Very symbolic of something we love in common,...creativity! Bravo my bold friend! To you and your family's health!

Artist Reply: I guess all this hoopla regarding statues had to work its way through me somehow, Mark. I've done several paper-made monument pieces over the years. 'Monument to Tears' and "Monument To Sustainable Obscurity' come to mind. Thanks for commenting, Mark! :)