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I've heard tell that older folks don't need as much sleep at younger ones but lately I'm not so sure that's a dyed in the wool fact. I've found myself seeking the comfort and the odd yet consistent sociability of slumber more and more. My dream world has always been rather vividly unique but I never thought I would one day find it preferable to my waking state. This is on my usual 6 by 4.5 inch medium bond acid-free paper. Yes, I cut a 12 by 9 inch sheet into four parts. I like the size and the format. I used gel pen. It's another small yet ample example of Original Jones Art as he snoozes his life away in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Ginger Olansen 19 Aug 2020

Really great ! I wonder too. I use to get 6 hours, now I grab 7.5 0r 8 hours!

Nikolay Semyonov 15 Aug 2020

Another wonderful stuff I found today!

Artist Reply: It's the 'stuff that dreams are made of.' Zooms back to when I uploaded quite a few simple gel pen drawings, Nikolay. I must have scribbled a dozen or more small ones yesterday. Folks appear to like the color pieces more so I upload those more frequently. Thanks for commenting!