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Finally got the time to put 4 more of the hibiscus flowers in (new)! There are several photos. Have a great evening!! I love the camera!

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Al Budarin 18 Jul 2020

When I seen this ,wow priceless,,,,Hibiscus Flower is one of the Honey Bees Favourite Blossoms ,why because the pistil the stigma the stamen all protrude ,so easy for them to gather the pollen into there leg pouches & gather all the Nectar while she's doing althis ,he's also pollinating as she brushes against the stamen then brushing against the stigma ,we BANG,,pollination just took place.This is a treasure of a photo .Wonderfully done.,Pure White Hibiscus truly a sign of Purity,myself I have a peach coloured one ,& make very delicious tea mixed with Raspberry dried buds. The Honey Bee ,she works so hard just to make a tsp.of Honey.,,,,,Today there is so much Counterfeit Honey out in the market with no one controlling It,,,,,Ginger hopefully you know the difference as there is so many companies that add Syrup to it.,,very easy to know if you have real Pure 100% Honey. Take care of this Beautiful Hibiscus Flower ,or these as I have is 8 ft.tall. Thankyou for Showing us this Charming & very Beneficial flower ,,,,plant,tree ,Shrub,

Artist Reply: Thank you Al, fabulous

marie-claire gallet 18 Jul 2020


Artist Reply: Thank you so very much Marie-Claire.
Artist Reply: Thank you Marie-Claire

Kevin Lambeth 18 Jul 2020

WOW!! What a beautiful show of flowers. Your garden must be a pure delight to walk or sit in.

Artist Reply: Not my garden. I belong to a community garden, I am lucky and these beautiful flowers were in that garden! Thanks for your comment