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Artist Israel autentic primitive paintings and drawings Mirit Ben-Nun

There is no doubt that Mirit Ben Nun s art derives, like a refreshing meteor in our skies, from that very source into our over- saturated art of photographic images and messages. As a self-taught artist, she grew outside of the lubricated system of art academies and does not suffer from the search for meaning. Her paintings burst out from within her as a primordial need to provoke the canvas, to attack it with an unstoppable obsession that leaves no corner hiding. The need to self- express does not stop but wants to continue and flow with her spiritual storm - perhaps to silence the demons within. David Gerstein


Anonymous Guest

Maria Anna Machado 01 Jul 2020

fantastic work...all

Elton Houck 01 Jul 2020

a blending of contemporary furnishings and native spirituality