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Wizard of the Wastes Cover Painting

Wizard of the Wastes will be released in the next 24 hours. We are just working on the back cover blurb and sales copy, graphic elements, and promotional images. Here is the cover illustration. This was an 8.5 x 11" acrylic on illustration board. I tried a ton of new things on this, including spatter effects using a toothbrush! My aim here is to warm up for illustrating the 17 book covers for the TME novel series and the re-do of the Expansion Rules cover. So much yet to learn, so many issues around my eye and the new visual reality, and a refit of the studio ahead of me. Stay tuned and stay safe out there Epochians! WM I


Anonymous Guest

Richard Beckstrand 29 Jun 2020

I'm beyond impressed sir. Will you take a look at my work, and coach me in your spare time? Thanks in advance!!

Artist Reply: Hi Richard, Thanks for the kind words about my art. I once thought about teaching art locally but overpopulated my life and now work 12 hour days as it is. Man, I can't even imagine what spare time looks like!

James Mann 26 Jun 2020

man... .. these days... this is like life around me.. I have no idea what Wizards of Waste is... but it sounds about right. Is that a Shell Oil sign in the background ???

Artist Reply: Hi James, Thanks for commenting! Yes, that's a Shell sign. The post-apocalyptic village there is named after it. Indeed, these are strange times. I can't even look at or listen to the news... just music, family, and art.... oh, and wine.