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32 ford coupe ink - Copy (2)


Richard Beckstrand

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3 days ago
Wrote you an email about chrome, but I hadn't seen this one. So yeah you got chroming down. Your style is kool and something different, your cars seem to have almost a ballooning style I have never seen. You are well on your way to being a great artist. Also love you kid with the gun picture. All your pictures are Original and out of your mind, kudos for that, because I have very few that I didn't copy from a photograph or another artist. I constantly have to find references, and then I intermix them to make a picture. I can create my own stuff, and it's good, but not great. I have been just drawing from references for the last few years because it helps pay the Bill's, but Original work is where's at. I'm working on creating my own Original style and character, but it is tough to find something that grabs peoples eyes and interest. Its Almost like finding a hook, for a song, sometimes it can be the most basic image, but the character of it just attracts people. Like South Park cartoon, super basic, but the character makes it pop. Keep it up, The only thing that matters in life, is what things you create and leave behind for others to enjoy and in a sense meet you many years after your gone. - Michael
4 days ago
This is really interesting, you should do more. That might be nice on a tee-shirt too! Remember the old song, "One of these boots are gonna walk all over you"? I like the technique you used, with the brown shading. Great job. - Ginger
4 days ago
Is this your son? Makes a great cowboy? - Ginger
4 days ago
Beautiful too! - Ginger
4 days ago
We Love Halloween, entire family, crazy, parties galore! Like your invitation, I assume you made it. Did you also Make the t great masks? My hubby has 4 antique cars, 2 of them, he decorates for Halloween and the two care are in different parades during that time. One of our cars is a VW, it was in races in Baja California. Has all the bars and straps to keep you in! It is got a gorgeous paint job that is so thick: The American Flag. I will put a picture up on Thurs! - Ginger

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