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I don't think there's been another time in my life that I have felt so like weeping and have on more than one occasion. I read 60 obituaries of covid-19 victims. I watched ongoing riots. Mother's Day wasn't that long ago and my mom died in 2006. I had another birthday in mid-May all by my lonesome---again. I found a full first season of The Lone Ranger on DVD recently and found myself dropping tears before I was through the first disc. It was a reminder of my childhood and an innocence and naivete that will never come again. So, yes, there's a lot that saddens me. This is a 5 by 3 inch gel pen drawing on another sticky pad. I like this format a lot. This is another example of Original Jones Art as he attempts to adjust to this new reality in America, the world and, of course, northwest Austin, Texas.

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Maria Anna Machado 04 Jun 2020

oh! too...