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It's usually the cockold who is the last to know. That's because he is in love with the person and has given his trust. Trust is a terrible thing to betray because it can never be fully repaired. Today's 'urban dictionary' definition has perverted the old classic word. But what can you expect of this current crop of....individuals. This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing with color gel and color pencil. It's not exactly Original Jones Art doing the classic thing either but it's close enough for government work nowadays in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Elton Houck 25 May 2020

chicken brain would be an alternative title which could have underlying innuendos of betrayal with the sexual connotations at the discretion of the reactive degenerate or the cognitive moron like me.

Artist Reply: Some of the best people are 'cognitive morons,' Elton. I mean, all things being equal---which they aren't. As far as 'reactive degenerates' are concerned, that opens an entirely separate can of worms. Hope you are doing great today. :)

Maria Anna Machado 25 May 2020

doubt?... nice...

Artist Reply: Thank you, Maria! Many times when I'm doing a piece, drawing, whatever, I'm just DOING it with no real idea or intent. In fact, that's the way I like to work as keeping the door wide allows for more to walk in---even the elephant in the room sometimes. Hope you are doing great and staying as safe as possible in these uncertain times. :)