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An interesting trait of humanoids is their penchant for getting down to just enough detail to get by. Pushed to anything more, they become irritable, put out and even hostile. It doesn't matter if it's the weather, a political party, a movie (classic or not) or even a pandemic. This is a 6 by 4 and one-eighth inch gel pen drawing with color gel and pencil. It's probably not all it appears to be and yet, quite possibly, it is more. This is Original Jones Art getting down to the nitty-gritty in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Nikolay Semyonov 25 May 2020

I keep seeing a trait of surprise in your eyes, my friend! Make sure you never lose it. Nice art again!

Artist Reply: Well, l I had just about reached the point where I thought human behavior could no longer surprise me, Nikolay, and then something comes along to reiterate how we truly are all passengers in the same leaky boat. But do we start paddling together in some mutually agreed-upon direction? I mean, it's for the greater good after all. There's a reason why 'sorrow' comes between 'selfish' and 'stupid' in the dictionary. Hope you are doing great, BTW. :)

Elton Houck 23 May 2020


Artist Reply: Thanks, Elton! Much appreciated. :)

Elton Houck 23 May 2020

Are you pushing us too far and hard????Maybe you are right and maybe you are wrong-- its hard to tell sitting here on top of the fence,,,but I am sure you are self involved or not...possible I could be wrong or right and/or somewhere in the middle or over the top or down the alley or up on the hill...or looking down the chimney,,or staring blind eyed into the should I know??? Do you know???

Artist Reply: At this stage, Elton, I'm pretty sure I'm just looking UP the chimney, bug-eyed and bewildered. This was going to be just a black and white but after getting into it, I thought color would strengthen it. Hope you are doing great today. You make interesting comments that ping-pong a lot but are still appreciated. :)