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I get very tired of the retort, "Well, I'm only human." It's like the person saying it discounts actually being human to the bargain basement. Being human and, more importantly, being a BETTER human is a great responsibility and a worthwhile goal. It should be at the top of everyone's bucket list. Another retort that can go to the trash bin is when you bring up a selfish, brutal or just stupid thing someone has done and another person counters, "Well, it's only human nature." I think putting human and nature together creates the ultimate oxymoron. What we have done to the natural world is a travesty. The better part of being human is the ability to care for other living things, to empathize, and then do the right thing. When you have leadership with no empathy and a very short attention span, you have something broken in control. Scary thought for all of us---humans. This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing on medium bond acid-free paper. It is a very human-created example of Original Jones Art who wonders why the biggest lie is believed over the simple truth in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Elton Houck 06 May 2020

Nice work, your artistic prowess is always striking a chord, a nuisance, misconnection, a faux pas. TOP NOTCH---- to the caption--I thought you had previously stated that you were not going to be political and let your art be your body politic--or am I mistaken?

Artist Reply: Hey, I think you can still call my work apolitical, Elton. I just made the mistake of watching one too many press conferences back-to-back and having it hit home like an avalanche that like the 80's song said: The inmates are in charge of the asylum. Only trouble is we are ALL in the asylum so mentioned. Hope you are doing great today. :)

Maria Anna Machado 06 May 2020


Artist Reply: Maria, I am not a misanthrope. But what I am seeing in America right now has truly alarmed me. It's difficult to remain objective and optimistic when madness reigns. Hope you and your lovely family are doing great. :)