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I toyed with the idea of calling this 'Spike' but thought it was too obvious. That's me, I guess. This is another of the 3 by 3 inch sticky-pad drawings, soon to be the notorious and/or infamous drawings, I'm sure. This is Original Jones Art still expressing himself on a warm May day in Austin, Texas.

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Elton Houck 04 May 2020

Charles--THIS IS AN ART EMERGENCY!!....I was perusing various art works when I happen upon this rather sad and dejected looking hombre..We have to do something to help.....perhaps together we can do him a great service, and put a happy smile on the poor critter's face... If we wish real hard like Pee Wee does, we can even fly!!

Artist Reply: Yes, but he has just the hint of wistful smile running about the lips, don't you think? I think he's taken his Prozac and he's just fine, thank you very much. Maybe a little numbed down but that's the nature of the beast, Elton. Still thinking of calling you 'Electric Elton' as it seems to suit you and your work. :)