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No, it has nothing to do with the 1985 thriller starring Glenn Close and Jeff Bridges. Anyone else see this movie when it came out? This is another of my 3 by 3 inch sticky drawings with gel pen. It's another day in paradise here in Austin, Texas as everyone pretends to be 'The Masked Avenger.'

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Elton Houck 03 May 2020

I saw it...the knife hidden under the towel....missed this art computer needed to be feed more cash at the fix-it shop....good portrait...looks just like Glen Close... stay safe and away from bad boys with big shiny serrated-edged knifes.

Artist Reply: I used to think the 80's movies were okay until we hit the 21st Century, now I think they were bloody fabulous. Just goes to show that time truly does tell the tale, Elton. Hope you are doing great today. :)