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Walking out on the porch and feeling the cool morning air and the voices of birds. Having that first sip of morning coffee. Hearing the voice of a loved one on the phone. Knowing someone is thinking of me who is far away. These are the simple pleasures of life. Feeling that things are getting better even in the midst of strife. This is another 3 by 3 inch sticky drawing using gel pen. It gave me pleasure to draw it as well as a little purpose. This is Original Jones Art accentuating the positive in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Elton Houck 27 Apr 2020

Fine art and well spoken positive retort,,,You know what this means? Sure you do Positive Charles...No longer can you be addressed by such a lean sirree....Mr Charles is no longer merely FAST DRAW...for now I dub thee Sir Knight as POSITIVE CHARLES FAST DRAW!!

Artist Reply: Hey, I'm a thoughtful kind of guy and they, those pesky thoughts, have a tendency to leak out either verbally or visually and sometimes even musically. I 'try' to stay positive, Elton, so I'll accept the title of 'Positive Charles' until such time I feel I am no longer deserving of same. Though I am a pretty faster drawer too. ;)