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Someone pointed out to me that I seem to be on a faces kick lately. So I've been thinking about the 'why' of that. Looking through my notebooks, it seems to had started in earnest about the time of my so-called retirement in June of 2018. After that time, I saw fewer folks as I went out less frequently and also began my new venture with sculpture using my custom-made compound. The sculptures have had several faces but it's been my drawings that have emphasized the head and shoulder format on a very frequent basis. This is another of that type using gel pen and color pencil. This piece measures 4.5 by 6 inches and is on medium bond acid-free paper. Yes, it is actually wider horizontally than vertically. So this is more of that head and shoulders Original Jones Art looking back at you from Austin, Texas. Social isolation is a bitch.


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Maria Anna Machado 24 Apr 2020

beautiful eyes...

Artist Reply: Thanks, Maria. Hope you had a good day. :)

Elton Houck 24 Apr 2020

I like this one very much...perhaps it is a personal thing since I too have those 10 per centers...Blue eyes...and also since my blood type is B positive,,,another 10 percentile group....So the moral of this story is since I am twice in that strange 10 per cent classification, then my opinion on your art must be marginal and of little value in the main stream...but the main stream is usually headed in the wrong direction, consequently , I have talked myself into a reversal of my own opinion,,,thus my 10 per cent view, is head above the other 90 per cent in value, ..Hey am I getting tangled up in false pride---believe I recently did a work on that since I am now two faced-- then I must reverse m;y reversal...Sorry Charles, you'll have to do a coin toss to see if my compliments mean jack....

Artist Reply: Hey, Elton, now don't you go and get convoluted on me, you hear? If you like it, you like it and I have to believe someone as recessive as I am can't be all wrong, right? Thanks for the left-handed compliment. Did I mention I'm left-handed? :)