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Last night, after working on 3D projects all day (one in particular) I sat down to watch mindless TV, picked up the small 3 by 3 inch sticky pad and drew. I must have scribbled on 20 or more sheets of the pad. This is one of them. It is, of course, a gel pen drawing. What's interesting here is the fact that the first pen I used was running out of pigment but still had solution. I did as much as I could with the first and then followed up with a new pen, hence the light and dark areas. Yes, more of that Original Jones Art as he tries to reconstitute himself in this northwest corner of Austin, Texas.


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Elton Houck 21 Apr 2020

I 'd swear I'm still looking in the mirror before that 1st morning brew? Are you sure that is not from a snapshot someone snapped in my weaker moment before my cafe (Coffee is my Kryptonite) .

Artist Reply: It's funny. Not so long ago, I couldn't drink coffee after about 1 in the pm or it would keep me up most of the night. Now I sip on it into the evening and it doesn't affect my sleep at all. Metabolism change, I guess, Elton. I'll put a disclaimer on my pieces that says any similarity to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. Will that work, you think? :)

Maria Anna Machado 21 Apr 2020