Dancing under the Rainbow

Oil painting on canvas,Size 610mm x 454mm. Two zebras dance under the rainbow and their bodies partly take on the colours of the rainbow,as does the chess board.The colours of the rainbow numbers seven (7),which number is also hidden in triplicate in the painting. The theme of the painting is that one should always use the brief moments or short periods of happiness, joy or contentment in life to its fullest while possible.Also not to concentrate on the storm threatening on the horizon.Life is after all a game to be played like a chess game.Wrong decisions have its consequences.There is however always a way out and a road that could lead you somewhere better,provided you have faith and above all Hope.New horizons of Hope. A rainbow by itself is also a promise of Hope that earth will never again be inundated by water.A promise by our Creator that always appear as the storms pass over.

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