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Say what you will about 'luck' or 'fate,' it's usually the person with the largest share of determination that attains his or her goal. Of course, there's usually some talent or ability or, heaven forbid, intelligence, that is required also. Some people are just born with a stubborn streak a mile wide and maybe just a bit of courage mingled in. This is a 6 by 4.50 inch gel pen drawing with color pencil and a bit of craft paint. It's from a determined Original Jones Art who is bound and determined to keep on keeping on in his little corner of heaven here in northwest Austin, Texas.

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Mark Kokopelli Watkins 15 Apr 2020

What a perfect example of what we need to hearing in days where the deaths of loved ones and friends continues to climb. This art piece really captures the face of determination, Charles. Artworks, a variety of music, all of our loved ones, self-esteem, dreams, fortitude, love, purpose, joyous hope, positive communications, guns being silenced, wars ceasing, faith and family, etc.,...all of these motives keep us, "Determined!" So, you nailed this one Charles and I love the implicate symbolism throughout this striking art piece! Stay safe and well! :)

Artist Reply: Thanks, Mark! I worked on this one until well after I heard the midnight hour chime on my wristwatch. Time of day doesn't have the meaning it used to. Hope you are doing and feeling great. And keep on keeping on. :)