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Coined in 1920 by an early shrink, the halo effect has to do with the bias one gives another based on 'first impression' reasoning. Obviously, a tall slender handsome individual has great positive qualities/traits whereas a short plump less than attractive individual has more negative qualities. I find it interesting on a personal level as I learned pretty early on that one cannot judge a book based upon its cover. But the so-called experts say this bias is still in full swing even today. I disassembled a large envelope and used it for this piece. That is the reason for the crease down the middle. This is a 9.75 by 8.5 inch ball-point and gel pen drawing with color pencil. This is a perfect example of Original Jones Art as he sits up north in Austin, Texas wondering where his halo went.

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Maria Anna Machado 10 Apr 2020