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You could call it something like 'spider sense' or a feeling of impending doom. For some reason you find yourself in a heightened state of anxiety and all you can do is ride it out. Is it real or imagined? It doesn't really matter when the end result is the same. This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing with color pencil. It is another perhaps prescient example of Original Jones Art as he awakens at 3:30 in the morning in a cold sweat in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Alexia Enache 02 Mar 2020

I like your work, but I also (or should I say especially) like your ideas. It is awesome, trust me

Artist Reply: I appreciate your comment very much, Alexia. I get quite a few views but few comments these days. Just to let you know, I value some more than others. Hope you're cooking up a new and delicious piece for us. :)

Maria Anna Machado 02 Mar 2020


Artist Reply: Maria, thanks for the short yet poignant comment. If you have a wellspring of joy, you draw from that. If you have a wellspring of sadness, you must draw from that as well. If you are lucky enough to have a balance of the two, then you will inevitably draw the world with equal parts joy and sadness. Most of us have more one than the other. :)