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I almost called this Medicated Joy but thought it a bit too ironic. Apply Happy As Needed worked better since that is what we do. We inject our lives with just enough of what we think we need to get by, not joyously perhaps, but with enough balm that we don't dwell on the pain too much. I don't think happiness is an ointment to rub on; it's more an elixir to be taken internally. This is a 6 by 4 inch gel pen drawing and another self-medicated example of that ironic Original Jones Art we've all come to love at a distance and ignore wholeheartedly in the suburbs of Austin, Texas.

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Mark Kokopelli Watkins 03 Dec 2019

I feel your pain my friend and your title is very applicable! Hope you are doing well holistically!:)))

Artist Reply: The nice thing about making art--or whatever you want to call it--is that you can take it seriously or with a big grain of salt. Now someone casually passing my art with only a brief glance may think my work sad or depressing when, in fact, it is copiously injected with humor and irony. I'm a great purveyor of irony, I think, Mark. Not to say I think life is all fun and games. It is hardly that. Hope you are doing great as well. :)