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So we've had the rear guard which is important if we want to know what's creeping up from behind us but the advance guard could, arguably, be more important, as it tells the main body what is ahead. In art it means something a bit 'out there' or 'ahead of its time.' Now how to do you tell the populace what is coming when they really don't care or really don't know what has come before? It is for the 'taking heads' to either inform or misinform, as usual. A synonym for advance guard is vanguard and in French it's 'avant-garde' which makes perfect sense as it was probably coined by a Frenchman with an interest in art and military history. This is a 6 by 4 inch gel pen drawing on medium bond paper and is another 'out there' example of Original Jones Art as it exists on the fringe of northwest Austin, Texas.

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