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Printed on special nice paper - $350, printed on canvas - $570. Pigment paints do not fade. In oil/acrylic – $3700; exclusive copyright (the legal right to print and publish) - $5500. The artwork may be available for purchase in various print sizes. Proportional size on request - up to 1000 mm – the longest side. Keep in mind, please: printed works can be ready for delivery in a week or so, works in oil or acrylic – not less than in a month. About 3000 works. Ready to cooperate in organizing my personal exhibition and selling my paintings on mutually beneficial terms. Contact AleksandrKlyuyanov: [email protected] You are welcome:


Anonymous Guest

Maria Anna Machado 11 Oct 2019


Artist Reply: Thank you, Maria Anna! Probably the demons also have some feelings. Maybe they have suffering if they don’t understand why they should be so bad...

Charles Jones 10 Oct 2019

That 'demon' looks suspiciously like me when I wake up and before coffee. This image looks to be burnt into wood. I've done some of that too. Then you added a bit of accent colors, the red, reddish orange and some blue under the eyes. You appear to be a hopefully optimistic artist, Aleksandr. And there's not a thing wrong with either the work or that optimism. :)

Artist Reply: They say demons' favorite drink is not coffee at all... As for me - 3-4 cups of nice black coffee a day. You are right about the technique of the work. Once I loved to burn wood, but CP Art won. Thanks for inspirational words. Good luck.