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Starting my way on the Internet in 2002/3.. I designed and wrote very clear notes or signs of my copyrights.
The one below was designed in 2003, in Hebrew... and was written many times in my own web site in English too. each page actually.
Let this be very clear to ALL, that view my works whether in my web site or elsewhere.
Thanks for being wise and understanding these facts.
More to say... I own all the copyrights of my works since I start to paint draw or design. As simple as that.
Copyrights to Writing as well as the images seeing virtually or real.
Shana Tova


Anonymous Guest

Al Budarin 02 Oct 2019

As ive said many times,you have a wonderful Skill & Talent in your Amazing Craft,its Beautiful to the eye to see,the,COLOURS,the SPECTACULAR designs,shapes,patterns Textures the uniqueness,your BRAND,very individual a Trademark of your own ,you have an AWARD WINNER ARTISTRY.

Joanie Holliday 01 Oct 2019