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In China, the Asian golden cat is thought to be a kind of leopard and is known as "rock cat" or "yellow leopard". Different color phases have different names; those with black fur are called "inky leopards", and those with spotted coats are called "sesame leopards". In some regions of Thailand, the Asian golden cat is called Seua fai (Thai: ??????; "fire tiger"). According to a regional legend, the burning of an Asian golden cat's fur drives tigers away. Eating the flesh is believed to have the same effect. The Karen people believe that simply carrying a single hair of the cat is sufficient. Many indigenous people believe the cat to be fierce, but in captivity it has been known to be docile and tranquil. In the south, it is called Kang kude (??????) and believed to be a fierce animal that can hurt or eat livestock and larger animals such as elephants


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Brenda Loveless 02 Jun 2019

I enjoy learning about your subjects that are so well drawn.

Artist Reply: getting information on the various animals I draw/paint is just to inform people of what they are, sometimes where they live. I guess I should have been a teacher.. and thanks

Joanie Holliday 02 Jun 2019


Artist Reply: thank you so much