Believe it or not, I began this painting in June but just finished it. Also of note, this is very like the original sketch that I based the 3D piece 'Ring-Tailed Tooter' on. I just couldn't make it work and LOOK good 3D. A 12 by 16 inch acrylic painting, 'The Optimist' is always looking up so, at the very least, is not looking down into a rather prosaic digital device. More of that Original Jones Art originating in, what is fast becoming a cookie-cutter city, Austin, Texas.

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Stanley Layman 28 Sep 2018

I do paintings that lack your simplicity. They all start out simply and then become more and more constipated. Your work is wonderfully uncomplicated. I've never been able to create in that fashion.

Artist Reply: Stan, I don't think 'constipated' applies to your work at all. My method involves distillation of imagery, yours does not. It's as 'simple' as that. :)