We are all dreamers on both a conscious and unconscious level. I think we grow up with a large one still with us though we sublimate it, or have that done for us. This piece is really a hybrid paper product though I don't think it is very obviously so. It stands roughly a foot tall. In its 'nest' resides a blue egg that symbolizes the one big dream of our lives. I made it ridged and grooved to suggest the organ in which it lives (or dies.) Original Jones Art? I have to believe it is though Austin, Texas is still undecided. ;) Addendum: This piece was chosen to be in the AVAA's Membership Show, September 2018.

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Nikolay Semyonov 01 Jul 2018

most creative art, Charles!. now I knwo what color the brain is when you are dreaming.

Artist Reply: Historically, I have more interesting dreams than I have 'reality' in the wakeful state. As usual, it relates to me as hopeful dreamer against all odds. I'm glad you like it, Nikolay. :)

Stanley Layman 27 Jun 2018

I like it. You could remove the egg and use it as a small planter. I've gotten comments like ,"punch a hole in the center and install a clock face." All my best!

John D Marano 26 Jun 2018

It's a very good sculpture!