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We have the RIGHT to take or not to take photos, the way we wish, need... or the amount that we feel like... or the kind of photos we need.
As individuals we have the RIGHT to share, some of it... as much as we feel like, need.
People have different needs in photography and some has not at all.
I used to take very many photos, and post only some of it, that I felt like sharing.
This is how it should be. Photos are the properties of the owner, that can allow, or does not have to allow viewing her/his photos, whether personal, private photos or any photo in general.
Thanks for viewing and commenting.
For a mutual respect & understanding what respect is.
For safety everywhere in real or virtual life.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Geoff Cooper 29 Aug 2017

Lovely picture dear Nira, I wish you peace and safety !

Joanie Holliday 28 Aug 2017


Thomas Curry 28 Aug 2017

very pretty indeed

Artist Reply: thanks Thomas.

marie-claire gallet 28 Aug 2017

I like to share my photos with everyone of you, day by day !! I don't care of making any profit of them, this is just a pleasure for me, but I do understand people who have a different way of meaning !! Getting out to discover something new everyday makes my life more beautiful, simply said !!!!!!

Artist Reply: Dear Marie, thank you for sharing your personal needs and thoughts with us. As I said everyone has the right to share as much as it is needed for him her. I changed much in this subject. I also enjoy taking photos, but I don't think that every single photo that I take I have to share... Lets see would you like every private photo of yourself or your husband, or your family relatives to be seen... Perhaps your intimate relationship that was shown in a photograph... The fact that I used to come with 500-1000 photos from a day of photography, does not mean, I need immediately everyone to see. I decide if to post or what to post or when to post... even if years after... This is my choice, PLUS... I truly don't think, that each of my photos or me should be seen by people I don't really know. What I post here, or in another site, I wish my friends to view - it is public. What I download from my camera, I wish it safe on my private computer, without anyone can see. It is my RIGHT. Wishing your private photos to be seen only by those you truly wish so. HAPPY SAFETY.