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In Memory of Arye Kenig
Few photos that were left... And.. Few words that were written to remember.
In memory of Arye Kenig, that sacrificed his life for the security of Israel. Was killed in battle : Feb, 12, 1955. Twenty years old in his death.
Above a letter that the family found on his grave, at memorial day, 49 years after Arye was Killed.. (April, 2004)
Evening of Memorial Day ,tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting.
We shall remember them all.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.
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Anonymous Guest

Geoff Cooper 10 May 2016

Fitting tribute dear Nira, I echo all that Thom said..

Thom Roslan 10 May 2016

Great Tribute Niri......and I agree with Marie-Claire on both parts.......God bless ALL OUR FIGHTING MEN & WOMEN.........

ruth sears 09 May 2016

So sad, such a young person, lovely tribute.


Dear Nira,this is a very moving beautiful memorial that you have created for a dear precious soul from your Family.So sorry to see that he was so young when he was taken from this earth.He was a real war Hero!Beautiful young man...beautiful family portraits!Your outstanding memorial brings tears to my heart!May his memory always be blessed !Thanks for sharing.HUGS... Dee&David

marie-claire gallet 09 May 2016

May he rest in peace. War is the most horrible thing in this world !!!