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It is my special style .

It is my special style . This style created by me. It,s not a traditional style, But It,s a compound of some traditional styles , And mixed of some old paintings style. Some ancient art styles are the sources of my drawings and paintings style : "Ukiyo-e" (Japanese) + Iranian miniature painting + Indian , Tibetan , Chinese (Buddhism paintings) + Celtic art (Medieval Europe) + Aztec , Maya , Inka arts (red race people art) + Negro decorative style (black race ancient civilization in Africa, South Asia and Australia continent) + Europe Ronesans decorative designs and etcetera ... It was explain the source , But the philosophy of my style needs a long article .... About the philosophy and decryption of my style and technique in painting , I should tell you that the main element is "harmony" . For access to the harmony , I fallow a process : First I begin to draw a curve , And the place and the shape of this curve is not completely optional and not quite revelatory , but between These two , Then I add next curves to the drawing In coordination with the first curve , of course with same method : mix of authority and inspiration , Of course calculation in this process is so important , but not by a computer or not addition and subtraction on the paper , but by unconscious mind : a Revelatory direction . To add or not to add a curve or line : That is the question ! It is too important that I access to a shape and final a collection of shapes whom to be a harmonic unit , A united regular ordered set complex . The regularity causes to induce the brain to work , And more regularity to result more mind activity . And regularity is same harmony , and an ordered shape help me to more mind working , and more mind working help me to make a more regular shape set , and it is an unlimited positive feedback .... In scientific viewpoint regularity in a painting or another artwork , is same criterion function (Math topics) , and the act of mind is discovering this criterion , same "trace" : find vector of matrix , a matrix of colour points . This topic needs another article , a scientific article...... In fact after Islamic period these arts continued with more energy , same as older periods (for example christian era in Europe) . ?Actually in religious art , believers to be cheered up by prophets , to work harder for make better and more delicate art objects , And more elegant artworks causes to develop mind and improve mental power . Religionists believe art help them to approach and accede "God" .... However the relation between mathematics and art is not limited by place and time or religion or race and ethnicity ....


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X-Chel 19 Feb 2019

Really appreciate your special style, and your erudite, inspiring, and eclectic explanation/theory behind your creativity - awesome!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for your affectionate sentences &comment !

Sharon De Vore 04 Jul 2017