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This is another piece intended for the 'love' show that's coming up in February. Love, like most everything else in life, is a delicate balancing act. Think of this as something like a see-saw; relationships are usually in a constant state of flux. :) This is a 12 by 16 inch acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas. Original Jones Art. Addendum: This piece has been chosen for inclusion in the February 2016 'For The Love of Art' show at Austin Art Space Gallery, Austin, Tx.


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Wes Schuelke 10 Nov 2019

Very nicely done, my friend.

Artist Reply: It's simple but, I think, effective, Wes. I try to boil down the 'usual suspects' or elements in my work though I've noticed some folks prefer needless complexity. Hope you are having fun up there in Dallas today. :)

Stanley Layman 19 Jan 2016

The staring contest?

Artist Reply: If I were to make a 3-D 'working model' of this idea, Stanley, it would be more a see-saw reflecting the ups and downs of any relationship. The painting shows that process in perfect balance because, of course, a painting is static, representing a moment frozen in time. Hope you are doing great this still relatively 'new' year. :)