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"Gemini Lions Roaring," c.2015, is an abstract digitally created on the computer. I am a Gemini, so I dreamt about a Gemini I picked Lions found on our family Watkins Crest

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John Cappello 13 Nov 2015

Dear Mark I hope You are Well and Safe today after the Crisis in Paris? If You like the Days of Camelot in the U.S. Please take a look at my post of Today "The Top of Times" Thank You in advance, for any Comments. I Love This Delightful Angled Double Loins Creation of Your. Very professional creative graphic artwork

Artist Reply: John, how wonderful of you to ask me how I am doing. My family and I are safe and fine...hoping you and yours are as well. Thank you so much for your compliments and I shall look at your piece, "The Top of Times," sounds very intriguing, John! I pray that all of us who care for each other shall continue to do so in face of such unnecessary aggression against innocent people, that had no choice in the matter, in Paris. The world city of love and openness. Stay safe my friend!!