Looking Back

I once took a photography class and one of the factors to making a good photos is never show the back of the head. I, for one, think these as mere guidelines than exhaustive rules. Some people follow it to a tee but art is not necessarily about rules, it's about a form of expression and trying your best to make it look good. When I hiked, I learned something important, not only physically but spiritually. We focus so much on walking forward and being occupied by the pain and hardship of the journey that we don't look behind and appreciate what good and beauty there was. And, I like buffalos. They are hard working animals but they also know how to relax by the end of the day. Take a breath and relax, people~~


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Charles Jones 08 Apr 2015

Amen to that, Elise. I like water buffaloes too, though I've never met any. Great work, BTW. :)

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Charles :D I've seen some on my trip in Nepal. They are truly beautiful creatures

Heloisa Castro 06 Apr 2015

Gorgeous work!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Heloisa!!! :D

Maria Anna Machado 06 Apr 2015


Artist Reply: Thank you, Maria :)