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Avanti Too - Avanti Two - Avanti II

Avanti originally made by Studebaker in the Early-Sixties was reborn at the Car Manufacturer’s demise as the Avanti II resurrected by a Canadian company – We’ll talk more about that in the VivaChas Blog Post! ~;0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art!


Anonymous Guest

James Mann 01 Aug 2015 1963... a guy down the road from me... bought an R2. A white one... absolutely the coolest car I had ever seen up to that point...

Artist Reply: Ahead of their time in 63 4/sure James! U might enjoy the Vivachas blog ~ lots of nice rides and stories and just wait til I post our Mars trip later this month! ~ Haa!! ~;0 VivaChas!

Ted Hammond 11 Feb 2015

Leave it to my fellow Canadians! Nice one Chas!

Artist Reply: Haa! Ted! - Oh Canadaaaa! - love the Northland! - Certain times of year - - - Used to Dream of the Avanti back-in-the-day - - - Now I dream of Rat Rods - - - wonder if there's any significance in that? - Haaa!! ~;0) VivaChas!