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Like RAINBOWS, That meet not really meet, yet actually Spectrums.

A collage made today from photos that were taken, Nov, 2014. Everyday a different "rainbow", that is made naturally from the structure of the windows and light that enters and touches the floor.

When I named back then in 1990, a shop- gallery I owned... "SPECTRUM", I had a reason.
I did not realized then that my artworks will be hanged later in my life, at my parents home like a gallery.
AND THERE... At the "Colourful Magic Gallery" I can find everyday Spectrum..

Coincidence... ?
2 images.
Thanks for visiting.
May we be able to sEE everyday the RIGHT light, in able to create correct for us.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Les Jobes 21 Dec 2014

There are those who do not believe in "coincidence", they think that we just participate in life, everything happens for a reason. Then there are others who believe it is just blind chance, part of the strange mechanism of the way the world works. Hard to say what was at work here for you dear Nira, but I'm happy that things unfolded the way they did for you, and everything worked out. As for your postings, a delightful array of rainbow spectrum's that you have captured and arranged into a display for us. Really well done! :o)

Heloisa Castro 07 Dec 2014

Wonderful art work!

John Cappello 05 Dec 2014

So Good to See This Marvelous use of Rainbow colors and shapes, Excellent work.


GOREGOUS and very creative brilliant unique photographic artworks,my Friend!!!Wishing You and Your Beautiful Family and your Beautiful Homeland,Israel,a Peaceful and Beautiful Day!!!Hugs...Dee&David :):)

Elizabeth Lindberg 03 Dec 2014

Lovely work Nira!!!! well done!!!!!