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Some of my artworks, that were painted in the last several years, presented as art products in Amsterdam.
Original artworks were painted in Acrylics or Watercolours.
Thanks for visiting.
Good evening from Israel.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Les Jobes 21 Dec 2014

Nira, you are not smiling in this photo.. and the hand on the hip makes me wonder, what is troubling you? You do look marvelous, by the way, young Lady. Your works of art are looking fantastic! You have such a passion with colour! A flare for natures wonderful patterns, it's shades of light and dark, as well as the many textures. I remember seeing some of these works in your studio, when you were working on them.. and now here they are, looking exceptional! Thank you for sharing this - and congratulations! Hope that things went well for you in Amsterdam. :o)

Bruce Combs 15 Dec 2014

What a wonderful way to present, and congratulations. My favorite is from 20 years ago! "Happy Hanakkah: Well the spirit of history, love, and games, and songs, and wonderful food and wine, and love! Peace, etc., Bruce

craig moline 30 Nov 2014

Hello Nira! What a wonderful display of your beautiful art work!

Elizabeth Lindberg 28 Nov 2014

What a treat to see the lovely and talented Nira along with some of your gorgeous work!!!!!!!!!

Heloisa Castro 28 Nov 2014

Gorgeous Works!!!